Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1. PerfectWorks Painting & Renovation is a company established and operating in London, HQ 93-99 Upper Richmond Road Putney, London, SW15 2TG

1.2. "We", "Us", "Our", "Contractor", "Workman" refers to PerfectWorks Painting & Renovation and "Customer", "Client", "You", "Them", "Your" refers to the customers no matter if it comes to business or private projects.


2.1. We can be reached by phone 020 3670 4540, email: info@paintingandrenovation.co.uk, via our enquiry form on our website.

2.2. The customer needs to provide us with their exact postcode, required work, the condition of the property and if it's possible to send us some pictures in order to provide an accurate preliminary quote.

2.3. All quotes are confirmed on an on-site view, where customers and the contractor discuss all details about the job.

2.4. With accepting our quote you accept all terms and conditions.

3. Liability

3.1. We take the responsibility to provide our customers with quality service done in a professional manner and following the previously specified requirements.

3.2. You have to ensure access to the property for the whole time of the renovation but it's not necessary to present on the working process.

3.2. The contractor uses his own tools and equipment with proven quality to finish the job the best possible way.

3.3. We work with materials agreed with our clients, delivered by us for an additional cost, or bought by the customer.

3.4. The customer has to remove all personal belongings from the working area, except large furniture and sofas which have to be moved in a way to not interrupt the renovation. In this case, the contractor will secure them with protective covers.

3.5. Due to safety and insurance regulations, the customer or other individuals different than the contractor are not allowed to enter the work area unless agreed upon by both - the contractor and customer. The contractor will not take the liability for any damage caused to its work by anyone other than the contractor and its workmen.

4. Weather conditions and Force Majeure Events

4.1. Completion of the renovation depends on the weather, especially for exterior painting projects. The starting day may be postponed or the time of completion may be extended in cases of rain, snow, wind or any other situation when the weather conditions do not allow the job to be completed in the best possible way. When that happens the customer and contractor make a new arrangement for the renovation suitable for both parties.

4.2. Force Majeure Events are all situations which obstruct the completion of the project and we or our customers have no control of them such as declared or undeclared war, fire, flood, earthquake, power failure, industrial action, the inability to obtain equipment, theft. In situations like these, the terms about the renovation will be renegotiated in order to protect the rights of both - contractor and client.

5. Payments and cancellation fees

5.1. We don't ask our customers for deposit and our services may be paid in cash or by invoice as the payment must be done within a week of the date of the invoice but not later that the completion day. We reserve the right to request and receive a progress payment during the remodelling.

5.2. The customer has the right to cancel the appointment, but please do that at least 24 hours prior the arrangement. If you don't contact us on time you must pay £50.00 cancellation fee.