A Wimbledon Refurbishment That Won't Shrink You Budget

Kitchen refurbishment on a Budget

This client called PerfectWorks Painting & Renovation because she wasn't satisfied with the condition of her kitchen and wanted to refresh it and create a cosier look. We offered her a view in advance and at the arranged meeting she explained what exactly want and how much she is able to spend for the remodelling.

This Kitchen refurbishment project included painting the walls and cabinets in white which helps the room look bigger. Also olive green tiles were installed as a splash backs which are an excellent choice because they not only add some fresh touches to the interior but are really easy to maintain. Of course, all the furniture was secured with protective covers during the painting and tiling. The kitchen turned really beautiful and our specialists managed to fit the client's budget. Our customer was very pleased with the final result and she really loved the new look of her kitchen.

The challenge in this kitchen renovation in Wimbledon was the price our customer was able to pay but when you rely on a professional team there's nothing impossible. For us, it doesn't matter how big or small is the particular remodelling project - we are here to help.

Just get in touch with us on 020 3670 4540 and request an on-site view for an expert consultation about your renovation project.