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Spacious look thanks to the kitchen refurbishment in Kingston

The client of ours, asked for help as she was seeking a way to add some more lighting and space to her small kitchen and we arranged an on-site view. All that our renovation specialists saw was a tiny room entirely designed in dark colours but the best news was that our customer's wish was completely achievable. The big advantage in this kitchen refurbishment was that there is a window behind the sink which brings a natural lighting and only needed work on it was repainting its frame in white. Our recommendation was to stick to a lighter colour palette for walls and cabinets too. She accepted the advice our technicians gave her and opted for snow white walls and ceiling, cream white cabinets and light grey tiles for the splashbacks. The kitchen turned out so beautiful, the cluttered look is gone and the room seems more spacious and welcoming. Our customer was amazed how big impact the colours may have on the overall appearance of the place.

The problem with small spaces is that if you don't choose the right furniture and colour palette, they may look overcrowded and messy. Fortunately, everything is fixable if you rely on professional renovation contractor.

If you are not happy with the way your kitchen looks, call us now on 020 3670 4540 and request a view in advance with our refurbishment team.