Floor Refurbishment in Bromley

Basic renovation for a beauty salon in Bromley

When we saw this place for the first time, it needed refurbishment work from top to bottom - laying new flooring, some plastering and painting the walls and ceiling, refreshing the stairs. Our client wanted to create a spacious look and accepted our advice to stick to light colours for the interior. She chose natural oak laminate flooring, beige for the walls and a lighter shade for the ceiling - a colour combination that will make the salon look more welcoming to her customers. As it was very important to our client to start her business as soon as possible, we've had to finish the renovation in a very short time limit. Although the clock was ticking, walls and ceilings were painted diligently, the laminate installed promptly and we've made sure that no mess left behind.

Our customer was very satisfied with the new look of her beauty salon and was so happy that all renovation work was finished even earlier that she expected.

We understand that the time is very important especially for our business clients and we are willing to do all we can to not interrupt the usual working flow. If that's impossible we are trying to finish the renovation the fastest as we can - like it was in this refurbishment project at Bromley.

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