Exterior and Interior Painting

Painting and decoration services for a beautiful home

Time passes and your home started to lose its charm, it is not so welcoming and all your efforts to hide its outdated look are just not enough. The paint started peeling off here and there and you wish to revive the pleasing look of your house or you are planning to sell it and just want to boost the value of the property. Don't worry, our experts in exterior painting and interior decoration in London are here to help.

We recommend starting with a renovation of the outside part of your house as the external decoration will not only beautify the outdoor appearance of your home but you will receive many additional benefits. The most important are that an exterior painting will protect your property, extend its longevity and save you a higher cost of bigger repairs in the future so you shouldn’t ignore and postpone it.

When it comes to the interior painting you have to know that this is the best way to bring back the eye pleasing look of your living premises without spending a fortune for that. Rely on the professionals and you will be surprised how the fresh paint or the new colour can completely transform the vision of your house.

It doesn’t matter if you want to freshen up one room or the entire property, call us today on 020 3670 4540 and we will discuss all your needs!

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

Preparation work

It depends on the condition of the rooms and starts with securing the space with protective covers to minimise the mess and then removing the old paint or wallpapers, all wall and ceiling repairs as plasterwork, priming, sealing and applying an undercoat paint.

We can prepare the surface prior the painting work which includes cleaning up all dust and dirt, scraping the dried plaster and paint, sanding, patching and filling all cracks, adding caulk if necessary, applying a primer.


Rely on our team to paint walls and ceilings at any room - bedrooms, living room, hallway as well as kitchen and bathroom.

We are able to work on different outside walls - brick, masonry, stucco or any other external plasterwork or siding.

Woodwork staining

Our service includes painting window frames and internal shutters, sills, baseboards, doors, cabinets.

The outside part of the windows, doors, cornices, decks, as well as sheds, garages and fences.


Our team delivers any decoration work, such as stripping, for example, to add a playful touch to the room.

Painting the ledges and sills, cornices, columns and all kind of decorating to create a welcoming look of your house.

Entrust your exterior or interior painting to our team

  • We are trying to satisfy the clients’ preferences and to achieve the final look of the property they want and that’s why we follow their requirements and instructions.
  • We can provide a complete plan for these clients who are hard decision makers – starting with which paint or other materials' type is the best solutions for the current project and finishing with tips for the colour combinations.
  • When arranging a painting service with our company you will receive a complete solution for your project.

Arrange a view in advance with our painting company in London to discuss your ideas and to get the best advice for the specifications of your property. The only needed thing is to dial 020 3670 4540 and say your preferences.