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Bathroom renovation made by a custom project

This client came to us with a need of bathroom remodelling including painting the walls as the former paint had started chopping, removing the old tiles and installing the new ones. He already had a plan and a clear view what he wanted so we started the renovation almost immediately.

The walls and ceiling needed some pre-work as removing the old paint, sealing and applying a primer. When it was completely dry everything was painted in white with water resistant paint suitable for places with high levels of moisture. The most interesting part of this bathroom refurbishment was the precise order of boarding tiles around the bathtub and mirror - the exact pattern was given to our team as the client wanted to achieve scattered shades of grey effect. As an accent, a starfish tile was installed in the bathtub area. Our client was impressed that the job was completed in no time and everything was done diligently and with attention to the smallest details.

Although our team consist bathroom renovation experts with needed knowledge to offer a complete remodelling plan, they all are cooperative and have nothing against working on an already made project like it was in this renovation in Chelsea.

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